Our Mission

HJ Talreja Associates' passion is to translate the essence of emotions and thoughts into forms, colors and textures. We deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives.


About HJ Talreja Associates

HJ Talreja is known for its unique approach, to interior design . which is bespoke & very intimate process of discovering each client's personal style. Over the 2 decades, HJT has emerged as a leading full-service luxury interior design & decor firm based in Mumbai & Kathmandu. With a team of designers, the firm's work encompasses projects across categories with work and clients spread around cities in India & Nepal.

HJT is a multidisciplinary design firm led by Principal Designer Amitabh Talreja. Creative & technical designers follow up projects from conceptualization to completion of the project. The team comprises of team leaders and team members with expertise in various aspects like project management, 3d visualization, design development &, etc. Extensive use of CAD & 3D modeling which is done in-house. All experimentation with light & material can then be done using this platform until the end result is achieved. The range of projects includes corporate offices, showrooms, residences, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, malls & bungalows.


The emphasis in our work has been on innovative planning to maximize space utilization & development of properly integrated systems & services into an aesthetically designed concept. Setting HJT apart is our commitment to total customer satisfaction and strict adherence to completion & delivery schedules. No matter what space, no matter what the need, HJT will define form to create environments that are expressions of excellence. We manage the project for you from the initial space planning through product selections to hanging the last piece of artwork on your walls. We give you not only value but imagination.

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Our Vision

Simple but not simple minded.
Our motive is to help you discover ways to feel more connected to your home and work place.
To enjoy a sense of completeness.


We at HJ Talreja Associates aim to create design expressions that are innovative, yet practical, distinctive, yet affordable within a working environment of exceptionally rewarding interpersonal client relationships.


To design and deliver unique, responsive spaces that go beyond the traditional notion of a building by enhancing the ongoing quality of life or commercial success of those who reside in, work in or visit them.


Our dedicated team of Registered Architects and Project Managers are central to our success as a firm. Each team member brings passion, commitment, integrity, and an inquisitive mind to every project we undertake.